Tant de mariages célébrés

Often named after the families that owned them, order The Village Inn was not only a lodging for the traveller, it was one of the important meeting places. Today, we call them ‘Auberge’ or ‘Gite’ but the concept remains the same. All along highway 132 the blinking lights are a signal that there is a haven for the weary traveller.

Le Manoir des Sapins has always been a meeting place; a place of artistic expression because that is what the Gaspésie is about. Careers and ideas have been launched here, and for Isabelle Boulay Le Manoir remains the location of her first shows, and she still speaks about as one of her favourite place to jam (La presse) et (Télé 7 jours (France)). For 50 years these walls have held the memory of those who have passed by, those who stayed, it is in the end, a reflection of who we are..